How Water Conservation Cleanses the Soul

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How Water Conservation Cleanses the Soul

While Christianity of one of the largely followed religions of the world, you can be from any denomination to enjoy our blog. If you are a Jew or Muslim and have ventured afar, we welcome your desire to learn and participate. The world is multi-cultural, and we all have our way to pray.

We hope to fathom the mysteries of God, the material world and the human identity. This is something we share with other faiths. We are devoted to the concept of spirituality, a set of beliefs and values that form a way of life. We accept what the Bible teaches as our holy book, so don’t be surprised if we offer a pertinent quote or two. Whatever conveys the supernatural power of the divine is our purview.

Since Christianity spirituality permeates everything in life, it has multiple dimensions that touch the social and financial realms. The fact that our spirits and the planet are intertwined defies explanation, but we will try. Think of the pervasive importance of water both in the practical realm of resources and as a way to cleanse the soul.

Traditionally, water is used in certain rites such as baptism. It is a symbol of purity and healing in contrast to fire which denotes the Holy Spirit and light. Given its role as one of the primary elements of life, it is important to mention the issue of conservation. Think of having clean, potable water to drink as more than a human right but as part of God’s plan for mankind.

Conservation of water and energy, not to mention natural resources like trees in forests, among the flora and fauna at risk, is of global concern. It has a lot to do with saving money at the lowest level, but it is also a moral obligation. We can do simple things like buy low-flush toilets or new kitchen faucets, but on a grander scale we can donate to relevant causes and promote the issue by word of mouth.

The consequences of ignoring the problem will be dire. There have been many warnings, along with those about ozone and the pollution of the planet. Christians are a brotherhood that bands together as a result of concerns for the continuity of life. We invite all faiths to join us in this endeavor. It takes a horde of people who care to change habits.