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CC Mason is a place where God dwells among his believers.  It is a place where you can experience God and his awesomeness in the easiest ways. Every member of the church is more like a family, and we are constantly spreading the word of Christ to as many people as possible.


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If you want to experience God and get showered by his abundant blessings, do not hesitate. No matter what wrong you have done in your life, the community is ready to accept you.

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  • While Christianity of one of the largely followed religions of the world, you can be from any denomination to enjoy our blog. If you are a Jew or Muslim and have ventured afar, we welcome your desire to learn and participate. The world is multi-cultural,......

  • Christianity is one of the largely followed religions in the entire planet. Billions of people follow this religion; Jesus is the one they pray to. They see Jesus as God, but Jesus was sent to Earth by his Father, who is also God. Christian spirituality basically implies a proper understanding of God, the material world and also the human identity. Beliefs and spirituality can be inseparable. In the study of Christian spirituality, the relationship between the two, spirituality and also beliefs are properly understood and has also changed significantly over the years. In the contemporary society, Christian spirituality can be defined as a set of beliefs and values which also show people a way of life and also how to reflect on what the Bible has taught them; the Bible which is the holy book of Christianity. It has a new testament and an old testament. Heart_Spirituality It is biblically said that the practice of the beliefs and ideologies of Christian faith is more or less what their spirituality aims to instil in people. From an early writing of the New Testament, the principles of the integrated and also authentic faith and actions have been taught. It relies on the power of the Holy Spirit to live exactly according to the will of God. The spirit serves God and will lead followers to the truth and also give them unlimited amounts of joy. One cannot they don’t sin, when they do, they are deceiving themselves, and the truth is not with them. True spirituality completely depends on the supernatural power of God and the power that God gives the Holy Spirit rather than the dependence on human strength.

    Christian spirituality is also concerned with everything that is in a person’s life. Rather than separating physical, spiritual, social and financial aspects of a person’s life into distinct areas, Christian spirituality is about how life connects everything to our relationship with God himself. The pursuit of the spirituality will undoubtedly result in what the Bible refers to as the “fruit of the spirit.” When a person who believes lives by God’s power and the spirit of God, he has been following Christian spirituality. It also produces some godly qualities and also brings honor to the lord. As Jesus once taught “ in the same way, let your light shine before others so that they can see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”, Matthew 5:16. When you see it from this perspective, the Christian spirituality is for the honor of God, your maturity and also it serves as a proper blessing to others. For good deeds that take place and also a hearty attitude that point others towards God, we need to thank Christian spirituality. ...