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Welcome to Christ’s Church Kids Daycare, where we provide exceptional year-round licensed care for children aged six weeks through three years old. Our dedicated team ensures that your little ones receive top-notch care, infused with a biblical perspective that nurtures their spiritual growth.

At Christ’s Church, we prioritize the well-being of your child by offering healthy snacks, including organic options, to promote their overall development.

We believe in creating a vibrant community, and throughout the year, we organize special events that bring families together. Join us for heartwarming occasions like “Muffins with Mom” and “Donuts with Dad,” where parents can connect with their child in a meaningful way. We also have an enchanting Christmas Program that celebrates the joy of the season, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

Choose Christ’s Church for a daycare experience that combines excellent care, a biblical foundation, and engaging events. Your child’s growth, happiness, and spiritual journey are our utmost priority.

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